Project Management

We have more than 15 years of experience in project management, from planning of ideas or targets to the delivery of a finished product. We work together on your ideas and goals by breaking them down to a concrete sample of requirements that allow us to work by and follow throughout the project.

We are used to working with conceptual studies to be able to make decision-making and can act as a collaborator in the decision-making process.

We work with WBS elements (Work Breakdown Structure), in order to gain a improved control for both in the planning as the execution phases. These parts also form the basis, for example, the weight calculators (where applicable) and specification writing. Last but not least, the work of making a concrete breakdown of the project makes it much easier for your internal budget monitoring.

With our background as shipbuilders, we have the habit of working with large complex solutions from both large and small projects. In the boat and ship area, we help you to take an idea into a complete concept. This includes developing hulls, general arrangements and 3D visualizations. For other areas, we can support you in your work on designing and developing drawings, modulations and visualizations.

Since we also have a background from the Swedish Defense Agency and are used to working with military equipment, we are versed to work with supportive processes, confidentiality, system security (applied within the Armed Forces), objectives, requirement specification, verification and validation.

Project Management