Poseidon Konsult is a trailblazing engineering and design company with years of experience and expertise in naval architecture, education, Project Management, stability, marine engineering, Ship Design, Governmental Procurements, and Visualisations. As the leading naval architecture and marine engineering company in Sweden, we offer first-class services to both public and private clients. This is why we are one of the most influential naval architecture and maritime engineering firm all over the country.

Naval architect - Poseidon Konsult
Research Vessel – 24m. Electra

Our expert team of naval architects and designers can handle anything, from the design and construction of various ships, yachts, barges and marine structures Not just that, our marine architects and designers are professionals at structural arrangements and engineering and can design systems on Naval vessels as well on  small coastal vessels.

At Poseidon Konsult, we are changing the face of naval architecture and breaking new grounds in Marine engineering, which explains why our naval and marine architects are the best in the industry.

Our quality system is made for design, engineering, governmental procurement, project management, and administrative services. Our years of excellent naval and maritime services are as a result of our commitment to providing sustainable solutions in the world of naval architecture and maritime engineering. One reason why our naval and maritime architects are the best is that, at Poseidon Konsult, we are driven by common core values. Some of which include:

  • To provide unmatched services to both governmental and private customers.
  • To offer sustainable solutions in naval architecture and maritime engineering.
  • To help our clients better understand the how’s and why’s of designing ships and boats.

As a first-class company with years of impeccable reputation, we are always at the top of our game because we conform to the ethical standards and practices stipulated within the industry. Also, our naval and maritime architects are qualified, certified and committed to our core values. We know the nitty-gritty of design and engineering and have the best hands in the industry.

Here at Poseidon Konsult, excellence is our trademark!