We have specialised us in visualisation because we consider visualisation to be an important tool for making an early decision regarding a product or impression. Products are the most commonly associated with visualization. The advantage of a visualization is the possibility to determine whether the design is correct or not and that the end user can have a saying when they see the product. You can also print prototypes to CAM directly from the 3D models in order to an even wider basis for validating your product. For larger objects, a sense of whether walls, windows and doors are properly placed and you can change their location in real time through the visualization tool. It also gives an opportunity to get the correct perception of the field of vision, blocking objects, etc. of craft and vehicle production.

However, what may be as important is the impression. How to experience rooms, different decorations, color schemes and lighting. By using one of the most advanced rendering tools on the market, Maxwell Render, you can create a correct picture of how a lighting will be experienced in reality.

Visualisation is commonly referred as a single concept. For us, it is important that there are different levels that all complement a function and all build on each other. Modeling, which is great for showing how it will look, how one thing will work, etc. Visualization, which puts on materials, steel, wood, water, etc. to get more realistic images and eventually Photo Reality, where you can go further and add pictures in the background with the natural environments to make an even more realistic image.